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Shoe Designer

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design4shoes is your go-to partner if you are after a creative and innovative design for your upcoming collections. design4shoes creations will not only satisfy your clients’ desires, but will exceed their expectations.

Hello, my name is Silvia and the brain behind the company. I am a shoe designer and the creative mind of many successful shoe collections.

A clever, well-thought-through and creative design is always at the origin of every fashion success story.

It almost seems as if design were always somehow linked to luck. How should brand-name manufacturers know which fashion style will be a winner and which design will be unsuccessful?

Truth be told, successful shoe design is based on creativity, on deep professional knowledge and on an uncanny instinct for crucial details.

Thanks to my many years of experience in working for the international shoe industry, I know which decisive factors make a collection successful. Shoes are not only created for the catwalk. They are the product of a perfect symbiosis between solid know-how, brilliant creativity and a high level of expertise.

Shoes should fascinate and inspire people. Once this goal is reached, the success of your collection is a sure thing.


The Balance between trendiness and wearability


How should shoes be designed to become a commercial success?

Shoes have not been a purely functional clothing item for many years. Both women and men have come to expect a striking and individual design, which allows them to make a fashion statement.

As an experienced shoe designer I am able to visualize the needs of end-consumers at an early stage and thanks to my keen sense for upcoming trends I am able to find the perfect design solution.

In short: well before your collection reaches the shelves, I know what your customers want and which models will be successful.


Inspiration for your brand


Your brand is one-of-a-kind and stands for certain values. It meets high quality standards and is characterized by its uniqueness.

My job is to recognize your strengths and to develop a footwear collection that is tailored to your brand.

The art lies in developing a design that highlights your identity while giving it new momentum. In order to do so, I harmonize the message that sets your brand apart with my fashion creations.

As a shoe designer for women’s shoes, I create models that fit your brand and reflect your philosophy, which, at the same time, have that certain something and are always new and trendy.

With your personal design4shoe creation, I develop a concept for you that is the foundation of a successful collection.


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