Silvia Brindlmayer

Senior Director Product Design
Footwear Design / Shoe Brand Building / Development / Strategy

Silvia Brindlmayer is an skilled expert in the field of shoe design and brand consulting. Since 2004, she has been passionately dedicated to the planning and design of shoe collections, while also supporting shoe companies in their brand building and production planning. Due to her in-depth knowledge of the shoe industry, she founded her own studio in 2015.

Her expertise in sneaker design has led to her customers consisting of both streetwear brands and high-end luxury labels.

Silvia's longstanding expertise in the field of sneakers has enabled her to transfer her knowledge and skills to the barefoot shoe market, which she now fully dedicates herself to. As a designer, she has made it her mission to integrate barefoot shoes into the modern fashion world with the brand Groundies, which was founded in 2019, without losing sight of the health of her customers.

With her innovative approach, she and her team have transformed the barefoot shoe world and created an awareness that healthy shoes can look good and still have a positive effect on our feet and our bodies.

Thanks to its unique combination of functionality and style, Groundies has created a new generation of shoes that protect and strengthen our feet while also reflecting our personality and lifestyle.

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